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Best HVAC Air Filters

In this era of severe air pollution, we are facing the threats of deadly diseases. Many of us are wearing masks to tackle the polluted air. But we also have to save our homes from this threat. It will be quite impractical for us to wear masks inside our beloved homes.

Therefore, the best solution to this problem will be securing the places through which the air can enter. This is where HVAC air filters can be very useful.

We have listed the best HVAC air filters for home usage for you. Even if you don’t have an idea about what to look for while buying and installing your first one, by the end of this review, you will know it all.

Let’s get started!

FilterBuy 20x20x1, Pleated HVAC AC Furnace Air Filter Check Price
Filtrete 20x20x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1000, Micro Allergen Defense Check Price
FilterBuy 16x25x4 MERV 8 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter Check Price
Nordic Pure Honeywell FC100A1037 Replacement Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter Check Price
AIRx ALLERGY 16x20x1 MERV 11 Pleated Air Filter Check Price


What to Look for Before Buying?

You might feel a little lost among all the variations of air-filters. But if you know about the features well, you will be able to make better decisions and buy according to your needs. Here are some essentials for you –


Look for the Right Size

The first thing you have to know is the size of your house. This is important because these types of air filters come in different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. There are different qualities and filters for specialized use, such as for ventilation or heating.

Accordingly, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors has stated in their report that if the filters are well fitted, they perform well. There should not be any gaps around the filter after the installation. Customers have reported that the size is mentioned on the side of the cardboard frame.


Select the Type You Need

There are different types of home air filters for specialized performances and services. They also require different types of maintenance. You should go for the one that is convenient for you. Although new filters are the most efficient ones, some have more longevity than others. The most used types of home filters are:

  • Disposable Fiberglass: It can filter comparatively larger particles.
  • Disposable Pleated: Smaller pieces of dust can be filtered with this.
  • Disposable Electrostatic: These are electrically charged for better dust collection.
  • Permanent Electrostatic: These are the washable and reusable versions of the previous one. You can easily use them for 6 to 8 years.

Check Customer Review Reports

The customer reviews tell you about the first-hand experiences and suggestions from the users. These help you to make decisions according to your situation and needs. It’s easier to know about the features of the filters and their application from the reviews and analysis reports.

However, we have extracted the 5 most useful filters for you. Check them out. You should consider them based on their pros and cons.


5 Best HVAC Air Filters for Home

Air filters are a great way of keeping your house safe from the damages of air pollution. These cost much less than other gadgets and are available everywhere. Here are some of the best air filter brands:


1. FilterBuy 20x20x1, Pleated HVAC AC Furnace Air Filter

This brand of filters come directly from the factories and promise to provide supreme quality, making the air of your rooms as clean as possible to offer you a better breathing condition. The unique design of this unit helps it to absorb more dust as the air gets in.

A problem that many air filters have is their weak frame, but the frames of this one are made of good quality material that can tackle humidity and heat to a great extent. Being experienced producers, a wide range of filters are offered by FilterBuy.

If nothing is mentioned about the size of the packet, you can assume it to be the standard size. Measure your windows and furnace carefully to find the right size.

Likewise, being a very light filter of only 1.8 pounds, it will not put additional pressure. The air flowing capacity of this model is as high as 350 CFM.


  • Solid and durable frame
  • Very lightweight
  • No batteries required
  • Easy to install
  • Greater surface area


  • Needs to be changed after every 3 months for better performance
  • Unable to fit if the window does not match with its dimension

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2. Filtrete 20x20x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1000, Micro Allergen Defense

The allergen defense air filters do great justice to their names. They are much more capable than an average home air filter. If installed to your air conditioner, it will enhance the functions of it and turn it into an air filter for the entire house.

After many years of research, this has been specially designed to suck in and hold harmful particles in the air. It can be your trusty protector against pollen, smoke, bacteria, viruses, and pet dander. This model captures small as well as large dust particles with the same consistent accuracy.

You might have a preconceived notion that only fiberglass filters are capable of delivering the ultimate performance. However, this one works as efficiently as a fiberglass one.

Furthermore, this filter washable. So, it is very easy to clean and reuse. This feature saves a lot of money. Also, you do not have to face the burden of changing it frequently.


  • Frequently washable
  • Higher MPR for greater performance
  • Great for homes and offices
  • More clean air goes through


  • Easy to get damaged
  • The frames are sensitive to extreme heat

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3. FilterBuy 16x25x4 MERV 8 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter

As we mentioned earlier that FilterBuy has a wide range of air filters, these are great for use in your home as well as your office. It is also known for its great durability and the consistency of its performance.

This US-made filter provides great quality, and you can use it in extreme conditions such as temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Excessive humid weathers are also easily tackled by this.

If you are worried about a construction site being too close to your house or office and polluting the air around it, this is a great choice. This is specially designed to filter debris.


  • Great for houses around construction sites
  • Convenient installation
  • Great durability
  • Works for up to 90 days
  • Zero electricity consumption


  • A little bit too slow for some users
  • The size might be printed wrong on the package in some cases

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4. Nordic Pure Honeywell FC100A1037 Replacement Pleated AC Furnace Air Filters

This model from Nordic Pure provides very good filtration for home as well as office rooms. It can filter various harmful particles such as dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, dust mites, smoke particles, virus carriers, and many other microparticles.

Likewise, the model we are discussing comes with great filtration capacity. Expert recommendations, as well as customer ratings, are great. The frame can withstand moistures as it is manufactured with a heavy-duty board frame.

Furthermore, this Honeywell model from Nordic can be electrically charged, and it is way more effective when it comes to dust collection. Also, this promotes a technology that stops the growth of bacteria inside the air filter. It traps particles with more precision than filters that are made of fiberglass.


  • Increased efficiency with added electronics
  • Great rating of 1500 MPR
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Efficiently removes allergens
  • Long-lasting


  • The size might cause a little problem in some packages
  • Inconsistent performance

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5. AIRx ALLERGY 16x20x1 MERV 11 Pleated Air Filter

If you are using this one from AIRx, you will get your job done easily. Its astonishing performance in reducing mold, pet dander, dust, and other harmful particles makes it highly recommendable. The unit can clean your entire home or office room effortlessly.

Besides, a great feature introduced in this model is the micro-particle magnets. They trap and hold harmful particles, protecting you from diseases. It makes your daily environment a safe, healthy, and happy place.

These filters also protect your air conditioning equipment from getting harmed by dust, ensuring efficiency. It causes less energy consumption and repair costs as well.

Similarly, it outperforms almost all the other air filters available and the ones with low pleat density. In this efficient filter media, denser pleats ensure better airflow.


  • Works in synergy with the air conditioner
  • Micro-particle magnets
  • Ensures better airflow
  • More pleats per square
  • Great for home and offices


  • Might restrict airflow if not cleaned after long usage
  • Dimensions can be mistakenly printed on the packages

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How Does HVAC Air Filter Work?

Air filters are generally constructed from fiberglass or paper with pleats or simply with cloths. The outer frame is usually made of cardboard. Its primary goal is to clean the air that goes in and out from your air conditioning system. These filters save you from a lot of harmful particles such as:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Cement or wood particles
  • Hair and animal fur
  • Bacteria

HVAC air filters are a great way to keep your home safe from these within a low cost.


How Do I Know If My Air Filter Is Bad?

Several signs indicate the deterioration of your home air filter. They are as follows:

  1. You might feel your skin to be itchy when you are in the room. It is not supposed to feel fresh if the air filter is not in good shape.
  2. If the air filter is not functioning properly, you should be able to see a lot of dirt from it. This means that the pleats are blocked, and they cannot filter anymore. It is a good time to take them out for a wash or replacement.
  3. By any chance, if you have to struggle to fit the air filter in, there is something wrong with it. You either have to wash it or change it.


Types of Air Filter

Different kinds of air filters are used for different purposes. Some of them are good for homes, and some are good for offices. They can be found in many shapes and sizes.

After going through this article thoroughly, you will be able to know about the varieties and understand why they are different. Down below are some categories for you:

  1. Fiberglass Filters: These are the most common type. The units are regularly used with almost every air conditioner.
  2. Pleated Filters: When it comes to filtering specks of dust, pleated filters perform better than fiberglass filters.
  3. Washable Filters: As the name indicates, you can reuse these filters after every 90 days of usage (approximately). But this may vary based on the environment it is used in.

How to Clean HVAC Air Filter?

You can save a lot of money by cleaning and reusing your air filters. The steps needed to clean an HVAC air filter are as follows:

  1. Unscrew the filter from your air conditioner
  2. Try not to bend it while removing
  3. Use a brush to clean the outer layer of dried dust
  4. The rest of the dust needs to be washed because they are clogged due to moisture
  5. Dry out any excess water
  6. Make sure it is completely dry before reinstalling it


How to Change HVAC Air Filter?

The modern versions of the air filters are very easy to install and remove. Here are some simple steps so that you can do it yourself:

  1. Turn your air conditioning unit off to avoid electric mishaps
  2. Remove the front or top cover
  3. Take out the dirty or old air filter
  4. Insert the new one
  5. Put on the front covers again
  6. Turn your air conditioning unit on
  7. Check if there is any noise from any loosely set parts

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the perfect time to change my air filter?

The ideal time to replace your air filter in most cases is 3 months.

  1. What happens if I don’t change my air filter?

It starts to restrict the airflow more and cannot catch dust as before.

  1. Is electronic air filter reliable?

Electronic filters can be very useful and efficient. They last for a longer period than the non-electronic ones.

  1. What is the perfect HVAC air filter size?

The most commonly used sizes of air filter are 12 X 24, 14 X 20, 14 X 24, 14 X 30. You should measure your HVAC system to know the size you need.

  1. Do air filters have any bad effects on the human body?

Air filters are made for safer breathing and better air condition. They can be harmful if they are not cleaned and maintained properly.

Final Words

You should have a clear idea about how to and what to choose from the best HVAC air filters for home by now. A little bit of maintenance can make your filters serve the purpose with great consistency for a long time.