5 Best Bug Killer for House

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Best Bug Killer

Are you tired of having bugs running around your home? Seeing those tiny insects first thing in the morning can ruin your day. They can also impose a threat to health and safety. That is why; we have done our research and found some great bug sprays to get rid of those annoying insects once and for all.

We want you to have the best bug killer for a house there is. So, we have put together a list of 5 bug sprays that we think are the best. Hopefully, these will not only help kill any bugs present in your house but also keep them from coming back in the future!

Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent Check Price
LiBa Bug Zapper Electric Indoor Insect Killer Mosquito, Bug, Fly Killer Check Price
Bocianelli Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Check Price
EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray Jug Check Price
BUG-A-SALT 2.0 from Skell Check Price


Things to Consider Before Buying

Before we tell you about these products, there are some things that you need to consider before buying a bug spray.


Type of Bug Spray

When shopping for a bug spray, there are two types that you will find. One is the aerosol spray can, and the other is the home pesticide spray.

The aerosol spray is very easy to use and is considered to be one of the best bug sprays for home. It is highly effective and is able to kill bugs with just one spray. The home pesticide spray, on the other hand, is perfect for home infestation.



Another thing you need to really consider is how much you are willing to spend on a product like this. There are many great but expensive products that you will find on the market. However, there are also some that are not only affordable but also highly effective.


5 Best Bug Killer for House

Bug killing sprays are very important when you have an infestation at home. So, if you are going to buy one, you should buy the best one. Without further ado, let’s go through the list of products.


1. Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent

Are you being tormented by yellow fever mosquitoes? You know those little mosquitoes that have white markings on their legs. They are the ones responsible for spreading diseases like dengue fever and chikungunya.

No need for you to worry, though. We have the perfect insect repellent for you. The Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent is a product specially formulated to combat yellow fever mosquitoes. This thing is very effective against these mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus.

It is powerful against ticks and mites as well. With this product, you will not have to worry about staining your clothes. It does not do any damage to clothes or surfaces, but it does a great job of killing these bothersome insects.

This thing is perfect to use when you are going hunting, hiking, or any other activities of this kind. And it does not even leave any smell after drying! The product comes to you in a 24-ounce trigger spray bottle.


  • Odorless
  • Does not cause damage or leave a stain
  • Super effective against yellow fever mosquitoes


  • Not very effective against ticks

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2. LiBa Bug Zapper Electric Indoor Insect Killer Mosquito, Bug, Fly Killer

Are you worried about the chemicals released from an aerosol spray can? Then we have just the thing for you! This electric zapper will effectively get rid of all the pests without exposing you to any harmful chemicals. It is the perfect alternative to any pest control.

The way it works is that it emits a 365m wavelength, which has been proven to attract insects such as moths and mosquitoes. Since they are able to see this, they are drawn towards the light source, and that is when they get zapped. This is said to be the strongest insect zapper on the market right now.

You can use this product in all kinds of indoor environments. Since it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, it is completely safe to use in places such as homes, hospitals, and even kitchen spaces.

This thing features 2800V bulbs, which makes it stronger than all its competitors. If you have kids or even a pet, you may be concerned about their safety. Well, don’t be, because this electric zapper has cage wiring just to avoid any sort of accidental contact.

Need to save space? You can simply hang this product using its wire chain. Just to make your life easier, this thing even comes with a removable and easy to clean tray that collects the dead flies.


  • Great chemical-free alternative
  • Easy to clean removable tray
  • Contains 2800V bulbs


  • Need to be careful since it is electric

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3. Bocianelli Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

This is the latest pest control technology on the market that is both ultrasonic and electromagnetic. The device uses ultrasonic sound waves and electromagnetic waves to affect their central nervous system. This repels all sorts of insects, be it mice, spiders, bedbugs, or even mosquitoes.

It covers a wide range of areas, up to 1200 square feet, effectively. So, it can be easily used in large spaces such as offices and gardens. This thing is specially designed to be used in open spaces. Ultrasonic waves cannot penetrate through walls and furniture, so it is better not to use them for rooms.

The Bocianelli Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is not only highly effective, but it is also very easy to use. This thing will have all the insects repelled within 3 to 4 weeks of usage. For the best results, make sure the pest repellant is not covered by any curtains or put away in a cabinet.

It is absolutely harmless and environment-friendly. It does not affect humans nor pets; it is only audible to insects.


  • Uses the latest technology
  • Super effective
  • Completely environment-friendly
  • Covers a wide range


  • Not very effective against mice

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4. EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray Jug

The next product on our list is the EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray Jug. If you do not want an electric zapper or an aerosol can but rather want something more natural, this spray jug may be just the thing for you!

It is the most effective and natural bed bug killer that you can find. This thing can very quickly kill bugs of different stages; adults, nymphs, and eggs. Even in cases with bugs that have developed a resistance against most pesticides, this spray jug can easily kill them all.

EcoRaider may be deadly against bugs, but it is completely safe for humans, even children. It is natural and free of any toxins. This thing is a botanical-based insect blocker that ensures quick termination of resistant pests. What it does is that it attacks a neuron receptor that only these insects have and paralyzes or kills them.

This spray jug only uses plant extracted ingredients that are considered safe. You can use them in spaces such as schools, hospitals, and any public areas, without any worries.  This 8-pound product is the best home insect killer.


  • Totally natural
  • Free of any toxins
  • Kills even the most resistant bugs


  • May smell

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5. BUG-A-SALT 2.0 from Skell

For the last product on this list, we are going to tell you all about the BUG-A-SALT. This yellow gun fires shotgun sprays to destroy flies in a large amount

This thing is quite unique, not like most bug killers or pest repels.  The device uses ordinary table salt as ammunition. You can pump it like a shotgun and start firing. The shots are very accurate within a 3 feet distance.

It does not require any batteries to function. You can make 80 shots before you need to load them. There is even an option to add laser for more accuracy. That is not all; you can even use this for other purposes, such as adding some salt to your fries.

The product does not use any kind of harmful chemicals, only salt. It can decimate all types of pests, be it those annoying flies or roaches.

The BUG-A-SALT 2.0 model is perfect for targeting flies that roam around in those hard to reach corners. You can easily shoot the ones hiding behind curtains and blinds, without damaging any furniture.


  • Non-toxic
  • Uses table salt as ammunition
  • Does not require batteries
  • Has a laser option for better accuracy


  • Needs reloading

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How to Use Bug Killer for House?

Now you know all about these products, but you may still be wondering how you can actually use them. Well, the best way you can combat a pest infestation is not to have the infestation in the first place.


Types of Bug Killer

There are different types of bug killers. Some come in an aerosol spray form, while others can be electric zappers like the one mentioned in our list.

For home infestation, you can use home pesticides as they can be very effective. Aerosol sprays also tend to be very effective.


What Are the Possible Dangers of Using a Bug Killer?

Bug killers are not all the same. Some may come in aerosol spray forms, while others may be electric zappers. So, the possible threats they may pose can be different, as well.

While bug killers are very helpful when it comes to getting rid of annoying pests, they can also be quite dangerous to pets and even humans. When exposed to the chemicals, they can have some serious side effects, which include coughing, vomiting, and difficulty in breathing.


How Often Should I Use Bug Killer?

Bug treatments, especially bed bugs, are not always completely successful the first time you do it. So, you obviously need to repeat the process. But how often should you do that?

Well, we hope it is not too often, because a lot of bug killers can be toxic. Although they are mainly designed to exterminate bugs, they can be pretty harmful to humans as well.

So, for the treatment, you can use the product every now and then. After the first treatment, wait for two weeks before you apply the paint again. Then repeat the process every two weeks or so.


How Long Can I Use a Bug Killer?

This really depends on the bug killer that you are using. Many insecticides can serve you for a long time, while some may run out after a few weeks.

It also depends on how much you use it. Many insecticides require you to repeat the treatment often.


Can a Bug Killer Kill My Pets?

It depends on what kind of bug killer you are using. Although insecticides are formulated to kill insects, they can be harmful to your pets as well. Most insecticides contain chemicals that can be poisonous to pets as well.

No need to worry, though, because there are a lot of safe alternatives as well. You can go for some all-natural insecticides so that you and your pets are not exposed to harmful chemicals.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best bug killer for a house?

There are some really good bug killers out on the market. We believe some of the products mentioned on our list are truly the best.

For example, the LiBa Bug Zapper Electric Indoor Insect Killer is very good at effectively killing all bugs. Also, Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent is very effective against yellow fever mosquitoes.

  1. What are the benefits of bug killer?

These bug killers and repellents help prevent diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, or any diseases, which are spread by mosquitoes.

  1. Which types of bug killers are safe for pets?

Since bug killers can be harmful to pets, you can use the ones that promise to be a pet-safe insecticide. Also, almost all natural bug killers are very pet safe as they do not contain any toxic substances.

  1. Can I use a bug killer in clothes, shoes, and bags?

Yes, you can. Bugs can quite easily attach themselves to clothes and bags.

  1. Are bug killers dangerous for the ecosystem?

Bug killers can affect the ecosystem as they tend to contaminate soil and water. They can be very toxic, which can kill underwater creatures.



This is basically all that you need to know about bug killers. It is high time you give those annoying bugs exactly what they deserve. Just pick the one you like and buy the best bug killer for a house.