5 Best Home Meat Grinder Reviews

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Best Home Meat Grinder

Hosting a barbeque is one thing, and preparing for that barbeque is a separate hassle of its own. To make sure your barbeque is something people talk about for weeks, you must serve some amazing food. And preparing this much food for your family and friends isn’t going to be easy.

In this regard, you can get the help of technology. For example, a meat grinder machine can make your task easier and effortless.

This is where our expertise comes in, guiding you to make the right purchase of a home meat grinder with more efficient use of your money while keeping your preferences in mind.

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Things to Consider Before Buying

To make sure you buy the right meat grinder that best fits your needs, you may have to keep some factors into consideration, such as:

Size of the Grinder: You’ll have to buy a grinder by considering the number of people you plan on serving, and the size of it is measured using the grinder plate. So, keeping that into consideration, you’ll probably have to prefer a #5 grinder to a #32 for home use.

You must choose the right size as the size of a grinder not only determines its capacity but also affects the size of the feeding tube.

Usage: The type of grinder that best fits you will depend on the level of usage you intend to get out of it. If its something that you will use now and then, you should consider an electric grinder.

However, if it’s once in a blue moon that you use a meat grinder, there’s no reason to buy an electric grinder, any small hand grinder should do the trick.

What You’re Grinding: The type of meat you like on your bun is very important while choosing a grinder. Most grinders will do great if you’re grinding small cut pieces of beef, chicken, or pork.

However, the problem arises when you’re putting in larger pieces into the mix with the bones. For such use, larger grinders like the #22 or #32 are the best.

Budget: This is one of the most crucial elements of any purchase even though the size and the type of grinder might put some strain on your wallet. So, take the time to scout the market to find out the one that best fits your budget. Besides, keep in mind that an investment means to last the product for the next few years.


5 Best Home Meat Grinders Review

With the market filled up to the brim with different meat grinders brands, it’s quite difficult to choose the right one. Even more so for people who have very little experience with a kitchen appliance. This list is for them to locate the best of the best home meat grinder in the USA market.


1. Gourmia GMG525

If you’re looking for a machine that can power through a slab of meat and grind it up in minutes, you’re in the right place. The GMG525 is a powerhouse, featuring a 500W motor for high-speed mincing. It’s great for those who have last-minute barbeque plans.

Accordingly, such a powerhouse doesn’t come without assurance either. The motor is ETL certified, meaning it has gone through vigorous testing. So, you know the quality and safety are maintained to the highest standard.

A machine with such technicalities might seem complicated. However, you’ll be surprised to know how easy it is to use. The machine only includes a simple on/off and reverse switch. And the fun part is it’s not only simple to use, but also even simpler to clean with easy to remove attachments and washer safe parts.

The grinder also comes with additional attachments such as the 3 stainless steel grinding plates. These allow for varying grinds. You’re also getting a sausage horn and a kibbeh attachment. Moreover, the free recipe book should make you king/queen of the kitchen as you treat your guests to some delicious treats.

Finally, with a machine like this, you don’t have to fear about dulling out your kitchen set up. The excellent metallic design carefully allows the machine to blend into any kitchen, so you don’t have to occupy cupboard space while also having it ready to use.


  • Extremely simple to use
  • Washable and removable attachments
  • 3 grinding plates
  • An affordable pricing
  • Futuristic metallic design


  • Only one cutting blade is used
  • Peaks out at only 1000Watts

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2. STX Megaforce Classic 3000

This is one of the biggest names in the grinder markets. The STX Megaforce is a size #12 heavy-duty meat grinder with a locked motor wattage of 3000 watts. However, the motor normally uses between 800watts to 1200watts, giving out 180 to 240lbs per hour.

To keep the internal mechanisms cooled and working efficiently, the STX uses a “Patented Air-Cooled system,” keeping the machine away from overheating. This makes sure your product lasts for many more years to come.

Likewise, the machine comes with a stainless-steel tray, which can hold up to 3lbs of meat. Also, the 2-inch diameter of the feeding tube allows for quick movement of meat, and the added Advanced Variable Intake is the largest contributing factor to this quick grinding speeds.

Similarly, with 3 stainless steel cutting blades, the machine allows for quicker cutting of the meat. They’re also food grade and dishwasher safe. So, you don’t have to worry about the blades oxidizing and developing rust.

Lastly, the machine uses 3 grinding wheels made of hardened steel, allowing for a finer grind of the meat. However, these wheels aren’t dishwasher safe, so you’ll put in some elbow grease. Overall, it’s a great product at a reasonable price compared to other grinders in the market.


  • ‘Patented Air Induction Cooling System’
  • Large meat tray
  • Advanced Variable Intake system
  • 304 food grade, stainless-steel cutting blades
  • High grinding speeds


  • Unable to grind bones
  • Grinding wheels are not dishwasher safe

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3. STX Turboforce Classic 3000 Series

An American brand that keeps the American spirit for quality and performance alive. This shows in the machine’s high-performance motors, producing a locked motor electrical power of 3000watts. It utilizes between 800watts to 1200watts on a normal load.

Even at a low wattage, the machine has the ability to produce 180 to 240lbs of meat per hour – speeding through the meat at speeds achieved by some commercial grinders. The high speeds paired with the high capacity meat tray are holding up to 3lbs of meat, easing out the entire process of meat grinding.

Furthermore, it is extremely easy to operate this machine. With a simple 3-speed control system, even your children can use it – giving you someone to help you out in the kitchen.

And don’t worry about the safety, the stop and reset switch paired with a circuit breaker, and the grills on the machine will prevent any form of mishap from taking place.

The machine is graded at #12 size. This means it can easily work on almost any form of meat, but bones won’t work out in this machine. Once the meat is grounded, you can use the free patty sliders to make those perfectly even for burger patties.

Moreover, you’re still getting the same high-speed stainless-steel cutting blades and grinding plates included with the machine. That gives you a finely grounded meat, keeping the flavors intact. All this comes at a price that is much cheaper than most other grinders in the market.


  • Comes with Beaner grinding plate
  • Dishwasher safe stainless-steel cutting blades
  • Includes free meat claws and patty presser
  • High-speed motor with a high load capacity
  • Large feeding tube


  • You won’t be able to grind bones
  • Most parts are not dishwasher safe

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4. STX Turboforce II Platinum Series

Adding to the Turboforce family, the platinum series is taking the right steps to become one of the top tier meat grinders. Not only does the machine boast high-performance, but it also comes in a beautiful design.

It comes with an easy to use foot pedal controller that makes an already simple grinding process simpler. Also, this model allows for hands-free operation. Especially, it’s great when you’re using the grinder to stuff sausages.

Producing peak wattage of 2000 watts makes it highly likely that the machine is going to heat up. This is where the patented, “Quad Air Cooling” System comes in. That keeps the inner mechanisms cool and makes your machine last longer.

Apart from that, the machine comes with 3 stainless-steel, washer-safe cutting blades, and 6 grinding wheels. These allow you to ground most forms of meat into a variety of fine sizes according to your culinary needs.

Besides, the #12 size machine has many other features, such as a circuit breaker to handle any form of mishaps. And the other free additions include the meat claws, burger presser, and various other adaptors. However, regardless of these features, the high price charged might seem a bit unnecessary compared to other models.


  • Patented “Quad Air Cooling” System
  • Great design with two colors
  • 6 grinding wheels
  • Food pedal operation
  • Dishwasher safe cutting blades


  • The machine peaks at 2000watts
  • Many parts aren’t dishwasher safe

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5. Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder

A heavy-duty meat grinder that keeps the performance at utmost importance, peaking out at a locked power of 1000W for under load situation, and 350W for normal usage. Even though the machine uses a low power motor, it’s able to grind meat at a speed of 200lbs per hour.

Great performance is usually backed up with amazing quality, and there’s no exception here. This machine uses an all-metal gearbox, making it durable for everyday usage. Other parts, such as the grinder head and meat screw are made using die-cast aluminum, which is certified as food grade.

Likewise, the machine features a simple design that fits into most kitchens. It’s easy to use with a three-function system that makes the machine turn on/off and go in reverse.

You’re also getting 1 stainless steel cutting blade, and 3 grinding plates. These plates allow you to grind the meat according to your needs, giving you choices between coarse, medium, and fine grounds.

All these add up to make this model a standard electric meat grinder. However, the only problem is the price. The high price charged for this product makes it a difficult choice, while the other machines available in the market provide better features.


  • ETL certified
  • A full metal gearbox
  • High-speed meat grinding
  • Large capacity meat tray
  • Simple to use


  • Maxes out at only 1000watts
  • A non-justifiable price

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Types of Meat Grinders Available

Choosing the right grinder that fits your needs isn’t easy. So, take the grinder into account that can cost you around $30 to $200. Besides, choosing the wrong one might prove pretty expensive. However, the type of grinders includes:

  • Manual Meat Grinders

It’s a simple and easy to use appliance. This one is for those who use a meat grinder irregularly and for very small quantities. They’re fairly cheap and operated by hand, so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill. Also, their small size allows you to take them to the barbeque site for some freshly grounded meat.

  • Electric Meat Grinders

With an electrical machine, you’ll be introduced to an entire array of meat grinding options that you might not know to exist. If you frequently use your grinder and have to produce grounded meat in large quantities, this one’s for you.

Nevertheless, they’re much more expensive and require a greater amount of maintenance than manual machines.


How to Clean Your Meat Grinder?

Using a grinder to grind meat is an extremely messy process. As meat breaks down, it leaves a sticky trail of oil and grease behind, added with the chunks of meat that are left ungrounded. So, make sure to immediately clean the machine after use. It will prevent anything from crusting up.

Here’s is a step by step process to help you out:

  1. Feed a piece of bread into the grinder and run it as you ground the meat. This will absorb the oils and grease and push out any ungrounded chunks.
  2. Disassemble the grinder and break it down into washable pieces and non-washable electrical pieces.
  3. Washable parts such as the grinding plate, feeding tube, screw, all these need to be soaked in warm soapy water to loosen up the oils and grease.
  4. Take out all the parts and scrub them down carefully using a sponge to remove germs and bacteria. Make sure to thoroughly rinse them off to ensure no soap is present.
  5. Lastly, dry off each part using a fresh towel, and then lay them down and let them air dry.


How to Grind Meat?

Home ground meat is not only more hygienic, but your grounded meat will also be fresher and will have a better texture than store-bought grounds. So, to get going, all you’ll need are the right equipment and some basic ideas such as:

  • Chilled Instrument

Before you start, you might want to consider putting your equipment in the freezer for a while. Cold equipment will work faster and will not allow the meat to jam the grinder.

  • Selecting the Meat

You need to choose a fatty, juicy cut of meat to use because they’ll ground nicely and easily than the tougher pieces. For beef, you could use the chuck, while the shoulder works great for lamb or pork.

  • Chopping

You can chop down the meat into small pieces so that it gets easier to feed it down the feeding tube. After cutting, you might want to chill down the meat as well, for a quick grind.

  • Grinding

Place the meat onto the meat tray, making sure a few pieces go down the feeding tube. Turn on the machine while maintaining pressure over the tube. Use the stomper to give an extra push when the grinder starts to choke. Thus, make sure to place a bowl under the grinder to catch the grounds as they come out.


How to Grind Meat Safely?

Grounding meat involves a wide bunch of moving parts. These are sharp and can easily hurt you. To avoid getting hurt while grinding meat, you’ll have to keep a few things in mind.

Most accidents occur when the machine chokes out, and people try to free out a piece of meat. So, rather than sticking your finger, use the stomper, or a fork to get to the jammed piece of meat.

Make sure you apply caution while cleaning, specifically when you clean the cutter blades. These are very sharp and can easily cut you. Hence, wear a glove while cleaning these parts.


How Does a Meat Grinder Work?

It’s a simple mechanism; small pieces of meat flow down the feeding tube. These are then greeted by a screw. The job of the screw is to compress and push the meat to the other end of the grinder. Then the screw will further break down the pieces into chunks of meat.

Once the broken meat is passed down into the cutter, the chunks are finely cut down and pushed through the grinding plate. The meat then comes out grounded according to the size of the grinding plate, i.e., coarse, medium, or fine.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best part of the meat grinder?

The best part of using any meat grinder would be the ability to do much more with it. You’ll not only be able to ground meat for burgers, but you’ll also be able to make sausages and more.

  1. Are there any side effects?

The internal mechanism of grinders is usually made using food-grade materials. If they are cleaned and maintained properly, there isn’t much chance of any bacteria or germs developing.

  1. What’s the perfect home meat grinder size?

Best home meat grinders are sized from around #12 to #32.

  1. What is the difference between grinder and blender?

Blender’s main use is to mix two categories of products into a fine paste, whereas the grinders are used to grind two different products into a smaller minced format.

  1. Is a meat grinder good for a beginner?

A meat grinder is a perfect tool for beginners. It’s very simple to use and can help make the most basic of dishes such as meatballs or burgers.


Final Words

Buying the best home meat grinder doesn’t mean your job is over. Any appliance should be used from time to time and maintained accordingly. Thus, it helps your investment last for a lifetime.